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We recently made 2000 advertising magnets for a Volkswagen event, and in doing so learnt that:

  • 2000 magnets weigh 22kg
  • One employee can make 400 top-quality, 7x9cm magnets in just one hour!

Магниты для Smeg

On May 26, Smeg celebrated its tenth anniversary in Russia. The festivities were held in the Italian embassy in Moscow, where the company’s representatives presented guests with a new line of household appliances that were created alongside Dolce&Gabbana.

This time, guests’ photos were taken and their magnets printed in a classic 19th Century interior, with opera music playing in the background.


Инсталаб Черногория

All these popular tourist destinations are renowned for their gentle climates and friendly locals, but there’s also another important feature that sets them apart:  each country now has their own Instalab!

Our magnets and photo services are in demand all over the world. Wherever you happen to be, drop us a line at franchise@instalab.me and become a part of our international network.


Инсталаб на презентации Skoda Octavia

In celebration of the release of the new Octavia, Skoda held family parties in a multitude of Russian cities. Instalab joined in on the festivities in Moscow, Perm, Ufa and Chelyabinsk. Every one of these parties was a fun, laid-back day out with the family. Here are some photos from Perm:


Магниты для Unilever на Metro Expo

This year over 20,000 people visited the Metro Expo in Moscow — the biggest event of the year for the FMCG industry.

At Unilever Food Solution’s stand, our orange fridge was looking better than ever. Within moments, it was totally covered with photo magnets and stayed that way for the entire three days of the expo.


С наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством

2016 was a fruitful year for Instalab:

  • We opened 18 new branches.
  • 6 of these new branches were opened in 5 new countries: Slovenia, Kazakhstan (2 branches), Austria, Montenegro and Cypus (opening soon).
  • We did a total redesign of our website.
  • We launched a new galleries service for our partners, where they can upload photos from events and functions for display on our website. Guests can then download their photos via a link printed on the back of their magnets.

Instalab is working hard, bringing profit to our partners and clients in 41 cities already. If your city still doesn’t have an Instalab, we hope that you yourself will open one in the new year. If, on the other hand, Instalab is already operating in your city, why not order some photo magnets as gifts for friends and family, or invite us to your New Year's celebration?


Инсталаб открылся в Вене

Once again, Vienna took first place in the rankings of the world’s best cities. Vienna has the best transport, health care and education; the most interesting history and richest culture; the most delicious mulled wine, schnitzel, strudel and Sachertorte. They even have mineral water running through the taps. Only their photo magnets, until recently, weren’t quite up to scratch. But thankfully, that’s all in the past – a new Instalab branch has just opened in Austria’s capital, and the world’s best photo magnets will soon be livening up the world’s best fridges.  

If you live in Vienna, or one of the 42 other cities with an Instalab, order photo magnets for your friends and family for Christmas, or invite Instalab to your New Year’s celebration.

By the way, we’re already preparing for the opening of our next European branch. You’ll never guess where it’s going to be!


Инсталаб для Metro в 14 городах России

On 11th October, the company Metro Cash & Carry celebrated Businessman’s Day in all the shopping centres of their Russian network, all at the same time. One of the focal points of the event was Instalab’s mobile photo studio, which printed photo magnets for all who attended.

Instalab thus pleased and delighted Metro’s guests in 14 cities throughout Russia. In total, we printed almost 7000 photo magnets of superb quality.

Such big events have become no rare thing for us lately – we take part in the birthday celebrations of large shopping centres, brand promotions, and official unveilings of new cars.

Our widespread network and consistent high-quality services make our company a convenient, reliable partner for large retail chains. So, if you’re organising an event – no matter what the size – drop us a line!


Competition for the most unusual photo conducted among employees of the media holding «GroupM», demonstrated their artistry. Here are just a few of the pictures we picked.


Summer is over, but our memories of it will keep us warm for a long time. One of our best ones from this summer would have to be the Afisha Picnic in Moscow.

Everyone came and got a magnet from us at the Sony stand. We printed several thousand magnets throughout the day, and even made a video about how it all went:


…and don’t let your guests forget about your event. Photo-magnet invitations from Instalab would be the perfect reminder.

Пригласительные в виде фотомагнитов


Инсталаб Астана и Инсталаб Алматы

We are pleased to announce that Instalab has opened new branches in Almaty and Astana!

If you live in one of these cities, don’t miss the opportunity to invite Instalab to your wedding, anniversary party or corporate function. Or alternatively, order high-quality and long-lasting photo magnets from our new partners.

It’s also possible to order Instalab’s services in 35 other cities throughout Russia, Europe and the CIS.

However, if there’s still no Instalab in your city, there most likely will be one soon. Keep an eye on our updates, or open a branch of your own! ;-)

To do so, simply send us a request to franchise@instalab.ru or call us on +74957891439.


Ждем ваших телеграмм

Instalab is already represented in 36 cities in 4 countries. Every day we share ideas, news, and discuss interesting projects. For all this, we have an internal chat channel.

We've recently set up several private channels on Telegram, where our partners can access internal company news, technical support, and communicate with one another. It has proved an incredibly convenient means of keeping everyone in the loop, which all our partners have supported.

We've also opened a special channel about franchising with Instalab, where you can ask us and our partners to questions about our franchise and read answers to questions from other members.

Join now to be the first to learn about all of our new products and promotions. To join, just click on the links: news channel, franchising.

If you don't have Telegram yet, you can download it from the official site Telegram.org.


Everybody knows that diamonds are forever. But not everybody knows that photo magnets from Instalab are also forever!

We guarantee that, even after 60 years, all the way to your diamond jubilee, our photo magnets will not fade.

Invite Instalab to your wedding and preserve the happiest moments of your life, for your whole life. For your guests as well!

Фотомагниты на вашей свадьбе



We would like to present a video of a recent event held by BMW and Mini, where Instalab worked in parallel with two of our mobile photo studios.

Guests were invited to upload their own photos to instagram with a specific hashtag, or to be photographed in front of banners by our professional photographers. Most tried both straight away!

Our software allowed us to print all these photos from just one operating station.

In just four hours’ work, our 4-wheel-drive team was able to print more than a thousand top-quality photo magnets.

Even the dogs made a few!


Магниты в форме сердцаA special celebration of love recently took place.

On behalf of the shopping centre Red Square, Instalab Krasnodar congratulated all those who were in love – by giving out 1150 heart-shaped magnets.


Инсталаб в Любляне

Slovenia is a picturesque, hospitable, romantic and magical country – which finally has an Instalab!

If you’re from Ljubljana, don’t miss the opportunity to invite Instalab to your wedding, anniversary or corporate event. You can also order our high quality, durable magnets online, with home delivery.

By the way, this year we are planning to open franchises in a host of other European cities. If you would like to become our representative, please email us at franchise@instalab.ru.



This particular event, called ‘Insta-tree’, simply couldn’t do without Instalab.

We were invited by partners of the project – our friends from the company Agysha.

There was Santa, presents, a Christmas tree, Darth Vader, an enormous snowball, and photo magnets for absolutely everyone!

By the way, Instalab has already celebrated 2016 New Years’ 250 times throughout the country. And we just can’t stop!

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