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С Наступающим!

This year has been incredibly diverse and interesting - Instalab visited Chicago, flew by helicopter, participated in several exhibitions and completed a good one hundred projects.

A big thanks to everyone who has been with us this year - partners, clients and friends.

We wish you all a happy and successful new year.


Фотомагниты в Сочи

Our truckload of equipment has travelled many winter miles, and arrived at long last! Hurry and order Instalab and our mobile photo-studio in Sochi!

And up ahead is the opening of many more branches. If your city is still not listed on our homepage, you have the opportunity to add it. Join us!


We once participated in a photo in a photo exhibition, during which we suddenly ran out of business cards.

That won’t happen again. We, along with a regional partners, are now able to print high-quality magnetic advertisements and brochures straight through our Instalab software.

Too easy!

Рекламные фотомагниты Инсталаба


Our last announcement was two months ago. During this time, Instalab has expanded significantly, with 8 new partnerships opening throughout Russia. From west to east: Rostov-On-Don, Grozny, Tyumen, Norilsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Yakutsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The distance between Sevastopol and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk as the crow flies - 7709km!

Representing us in each of these cities are talanted, professional, and simply fantastic people - our partners. We thank each of them for their trust, and each of them we are ready to vouch for.

According to tradition, here is a small map showing the locations of all our offices:

Инсталаб в 20 городах России

Look carefully at the map.

If your city is already marked, you can book Instalab for your event directly through our partners, and thus avoid the expense of transporting equipment and staff from Moscow. Contact details of all our partners are listed on our homepage.

If, however, your city is still not marked, you too have the opportunity to become one of our partners. Simply email us at franchise@instalab.me. Don’t forget to specify which city you are from, and to leave a telephone number we can reach on.


Отчёт с мероприятия After each event we are accountable to the customer.

Our earlier figures were exemplary, but the reports had to be put together manually. However, we have recently developed a special software feature to make life easier.

Our program automatically calculates the number of authors, photographs, likes, comments and photo magnets produced at an event. Using this data, the best authors and photographs are determined, as well as the most important marketing indicators, such as involvement, coverage and OTS (opportunity to see).

These accurate reports can be printed on the spot or sent to the client via email.

At the end of April, our long time client, the shopping centre “Vesna”, invited us to take part in their “White Night” sale. The following report shows just how we helped their marketing efforts:


New from Instalab, which we’re excited to share with you - magnetic puzzles with 10x20cm format. Each puzzle comprises of 20 pieces, and takes all of a minute to make. Like all our magnets, the puzzles are brightly coloured, waterproof, and don’t fade in the sun. We can also produce them on the spot at your event.

Instalab already has partners in 30 cities, both throughout Russia and abroad. If there’s a branch in your hometown, ask them about our new puzzle magnets. However, if Instalab hasn’t made it to your city yet, perhaps you will be lucky enough to represent us there. Simply write to us at franchise@instalab.ru


Коробочки для фотомагнитовWe’ve taught our printers to print these charming little boxes for our magnets.

You may order them with a set of square or round magnets in any city that has an Instalab.

54 Partners!
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