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Kaspersky Lab invited us once more to join in an event dedicated to fighting viruses. Each participant was able to take a photograph as either a monster (virus) or superhero (antivirus)

Instalab’s fridge also became a monster for the occasion.


Instalab’s new, circular magnets - unlike the magnets offered by other companies - are immune to water, sun, sand, and even pets! In this sense, this latest variety are no different from the other magnets Instalab has on offer - except, of course, for their cool new shape. They are all fantastic magnets, it’s true - but on these ones, you can print pizza!

And yes, it’s more than possible to take these magnets to the beach with you. You could even take them for a swim, if the weather’s nice :)


The first birthday of Moscow’s Vegas Mall was crowded with people. Everywhere visitors were happily taking photos, both inside and out: next to our photo-magnet stand, beside the police car, in front of the many stars, and with each of the celebrities that were invited.

The event’s report speaks for itself. Invite Instalab to your shopping centre, and you won’t regret it.


In Kazan there is still no Instalab branch, and, it seems, no mobile photo studio either. In order to work at the opening ceremony of the FINA 2015 World Diving Championships in Kazan, we therefore sent our team from Moscow. Kaspersky Lab always differs in its creative approach - this time, an image was affixed to the floor and the wall, which from a particular point appeared three-dimensional. On this point we placed a tripod with a camera and installed studio lights around the perimeter. And, voila:

We both took and printed over 600 photographs for guests at the ceremony.

On August 9th we are again going to Kazan – for the closing of the games!


At the birthday of Vegas shopping mall, we took a fantastic video. Alas, we were not able to squeeze in all the happy smiles, but the ones that did fit confirm what we’ve always known: Instalab is loads of fun!

So smile, upload your photos to Instagram, and invite Instalab to your event!

Want to open an Instalab in your city? Simply write to us at franchise@instalab.ru


Наклейки с фотоNow, besides magnets, you can order photo stickers from Instalab.

You can choose any of our formats:

  • Heart
  • Polaroid
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • 7x10 and 10x15cm

Our stickers, like our magnets, are perfectly smooth, waterproof, and resistant to sun damage. However, unlike the magnets, it is possible to put these stickers anywhere you like: laptops, cars, walls, and even juice bottles. ;-) Look at what fantastic, personalised juice bottles Coca-Cola gave their staff for their Family Day.


Магниты на холодильник

«Domik v Derevnye» invited us to help colour summer in Gorky Park.

There was everything necessary for children’s happiness: sun, paint, ice cream and photo magnets. Lots of photo magnets! 

We’ll see you in the park!


Today we are participating in an event for Reebok.

All photographs, published by guests with the hashtag #pumpto100m, appear immediately on an 80" screen. Instagram photos are mixed with photographs taken by our photographer, on a professional camera. This is what it looks like:

Слайд-шоу из Инстаграма на мероприятиях

It is possible to order a slideshow from Instagram together with the printing of photo magnets, or separately. Any screen will do, but if you have a suitable one to hand, we can provide one for hire.


We have finally made what we have always dreamed about. Now we can print not only square and rectanglar magnets, but heart-shaped ones too! On the spot at your event. They are also big (6.5 to 7.5cm), and can be printed at a speed of up to 300 per hour. Just imagine! 

Your guests will be delighted!

магниты в форме сердца


Магниты в форме звезды

As of today, Instalab can now print magnets in the shape of a star! They are sure to brighten everyone’s day.

The print speed is up to 300 photo-magnets per hour, with a size of 7 to 7.5cm.


Фотомагниты из Инстаграма на заказ

Big, glossy, high-quality photo magnets from Instalab — what could be a better gift? And to make things easy, we have implemented a special service to allow you to upload your own photos in a simple, online order form.

Order magnets online!

Our photo magnets are, without a doubt, the best, because:

  • 12 magnets cost just 490 rubles;
  • they are waterproof, durable and don’t fade in the sunlight;
  • our photo magnets are big, with crisp colour photographs;
  • and lastly, there are no pesky white frames.

It is possible to upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, or from your hardrive. We do our utmost to process each order as quickly as possible. If, however, you encounter any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact us at mail@instalab.me

Ok, ok! I want to order magnets online

Currently, our magnets are produced in Moscow, but can be delivered to regional areas by the Russian post. However, we all know this is not the most efficient system, so we are working hard to equip our regional partners with the means of handling orders in their local, and surrounding, regions.

To become Instalab’s partner in your region is as simple as ordering magnets on namagnitik.ru — simply write to us using the form on our homepage, and we will send you a quotation.


Магниты в Чикаго для Shake ShackShake Shack, for those who don’t know, is a cult American burger chain. After the opening of Shake Shack in Moscow, the company loved Instalab so much that they invited us to the USA, to work at the opening celebrations of their first Chicago restaurant.

Instalab’s equipment is very compact, so we were able to prepare for the function with only a few days’ notice. Our lucky ambassador to Chicago managed, in only two 23kg items of baggage, and one piece of hand luggage -to transport everything that was needed for the big day, including the stand for the photo magnets, and his own personal things.

The opening went wonderfully and was great fun. And, thanks to our fantastic team, each guest who uploaded a photo to Instagram received their own photo magnet as a souvenir.

Instalab currently has no partners in the USA, but we hope that that soon will change. Please write to us at mail@instalab.ru if you would like to become Instalab’s partner in your city, even if it’s located outside of Russia.

And lastly, we are very grateful to Shake Shack for kindly providing us with a video of the opening event, in which Instalab also managed to feature.

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